Re Gumno

Re Gumno


Have you heard of one Humpty Dumpty

How he fell with a roll and a rumble

–Finnegan’s Wake, James Joyce

Our garden is slowly being shifted down the hill to its new location, the fence is gone, bricks transposed, trees transplanted, only a few more structures to go. This spring we bringt the Gumno with us into the new garden. The task is less about designing its final resting place and more about designing its destruction. To move it we have to break it.


Borromini’s drawing of a crack in the foundations of St Peter’s was a carefully designed prediction, aimed to convince the Pope that his arch rival Bernini had overstepped his mark and that his masterpiece would eventually come apart. We design the crack in the concrete Gumno, in order to allow us all to move the eight tonnes of Gumno, and, like humpty dumpty, put it imperfectly back together again to create something even more beautiful.