Repair Schatzalp

Repair Schatzalp

22-28 October 2023

In the fall semester of 2023, the seminar week will take place in Davos, on the Schatzalp as part of the new teaching project "Maintenance and Repair on Site" as a collaboration between the Chair of Silke Langenberg and Studio Tom Emerson. The project integrates the teaching of historic preservation, construction and sustainability with architectural design. A design studio on building in the existing fabric, an elective course (Repair: Keep in Place), and a hands-on design-build seminar week will be coordinated to create a semester offering focused on maintenance and repair in architecture.

Hotel Schatzalp is characterized by constant change, both through remodeling, maintenance and repair. Changing uses as well as owners and the needs associated with them provide a complex starting situation for the repair concepts to be developed in the elective "Repair: Keep in Place". The execution of the repair projects in the hotel is done during the Design Build seminar week by the students together with selected specialists.

We stay overnight and work at the Hotel Schatzalp. During the off-season we will have the hotel almost entirely to ourselves. The hotel kitchen will be served and will cater for us during the week.

The seminar trip is offered in conjunction with Studio Tom Emerson. Participation in the seminar week is only possible for students who also take the elective "Repair: Keep in Place" in HS23 ( Separate enrollment in the seminar week is not possible.

Project Team: Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation and Studio Tom Emerson.

Questions about the seminar trip to: Reto Wasser ( Amy Perkins (

22.10. - 28.10.2023
50 - 250 Fr