Growing by Numbers II

Growing by Numbers II


Construction is the DNA of architecture. From making by hand to the making of the city we shall explore how construction is the literal building block of architecture and the metaphorical trace of experience and meaning.

Making, reimagined in drawing, will lead us from full-scale structures around the department outwards, towards the city, in ever-larger spatial investigations. Using improvisation and careful observation, we will seek new architectural possibilities in the world that surrounds us. And just like the bricoleur uses what is at hand, we will use and reuse history and memory just like we reuse space and construction to create spaces and buildings for an unknown future.

In the spring semester, we will return to making but directed towards the wider environment in which humans and architecture interact by making a garden. You will be the pioneers of a longterm project to be continued, nurtured and expanded by others in the future. Nature will no longer be outside of human action. It will be the new reality in which history, space and materials are turned over in the architectural imagination. Over the following years at eth, you will have the opportunity to experience the passage of time over your own work; the garden will grow while architecture ages. We shall work alone and we shall work together to test the limits of individual and collective imaginations.

The introduction will take place on the 17 February 2015 in the HIL F41 at 10am.


Zürich Atlas II: Rosengartenstrasse