Town Boundaries Brig

Town Boundaries Brig

water in different conditions of aggregation in the Rhone Valley; Lukas Murer

Joshua Brägger, Lukas Murer, Julian Oggier

Coach Station at the Sihlquai

conceptual collage; Jonathan Banz

Jonathan Banz, Julia Hemmerling, Clemens Klein, Lambrini Pikis

The Railway River

The Railwayriver and its different scenarios; Katharina Ehrenklau

With the current restructuring of the railway layout in Zurich, new land is becoming available. Poor access at the edges of the railway tracks and multiple ownerships prevents this space from being perceived or conceived as a singular urban condition.

In incremental adjustments to the existing landscape what was a backyard becomes the face of the city. Selection, retention and re-use of important buildings are connected by an evolving landsacpe strategy. New developments, set in a new linear landscape park, are added to the existing matrix, creating an urban paradigm that reconciles individual specifities within an overall ensemble.

Katharina Ehrenklau