Body Wonder Land
Summer School 2021

July 20211/1

The body moves according to its surroundings. It incorporates the space. It feels temperatures, surface textures, the presence of others. It feels pain and excitement. Danger. Empathy. The body always responds to gravity. It remembers. It knows the sound of open air next to a concrete wall. It knows the sound of rain from behind a window.

The body knows more than we think. Its intelligence is intuitive. The body’s thinking is movement and the body’s movement is thinking. The mind is a muscle. Asleep, the movement continues. In life, the human body gives space a meaning.

No prior knowledge, dance experience or skills are required. Every body is welcome to subscribe. The number of participants is limited to 12 students. Detailed information on how to apply will follow by the 3rd week of the semester.

teaching team

Sonja Flury, Myriam Uzor

with choreographers and dancers Marie Jeger and Juliette Uzor


Two week Summer School from 5. – 16. July 2021.

In and around the Cima Norma Factory, Val Blenio, Ticino.

Cost: approx. 300CHF. Travel fees are not included.


Sonja Flury

Interim Reviews - Excavate

April 20211/1

Lecture Guillaume Habert

February 20211/1

Lecture Pulling the Strings of Material Flows

Prof. Guillaume Habert from the Chair of Sustainable Construction

Wednesday 24 February 2021

13:15PM MEZ