design studio, autumn 2021, Model: Ulisse Iacopi, Samul Slezak
Groundworks; design studio, autumn 2021, Image: Study from the Broken Path Series with Border Edging, 1986, Boyle Family (Mark Boyle, Joan Hills, Sebastian Boyle, Georgina Boyle) Painted fibreglass and mixed media, photographed by Antonia Reeve. © Boyle Family / DACS, London 2021
Drawings by Jann Erhart and Hermes Killer published in Survey by Matthew Wells (Drawing Matter and Park Books, 2021)
Final Review FS21
Excavate Review FS21
A talk from Paloma Gormley and Summer Islam from Material Cultures
Nine years after first presenting Dysart at eth Tom de Paor will show how garden and architecture have grown together on 30 March 2021. Photo: Tom de Paor
Pulling the Strings of Material Flows - On grey energy
What's in Store? Design Studio FS21
Master Thesis FS 21
Prof Tom Crowther will lead three introductory lectures on ecology, biodiversity and climate change in February and March 2021
Making ground for the new garden at eth Zurich
Body Wonder Land Poster
Elective on Maintenance Architecture FS21
Final Reviews HS20
Lecture: Spring Summer Autumn Winter, 1 December 2020
Final Reviews HS19: The Great Interior
Design Studio HS20
Seminar Week HS20
From the archive: measure and social distancing rehearsed in 2010 elective, Measure
Albis Arena - Online We have, along with the whole ETH community moved to online learning platforms in order to maintain the teaching programme for the remainder of the semester. The main thematic and programmatic aims of the semester remain unchanged however we have revised the material required as access to workshops is no longer possible. We will use weekly tumblr posts to share and develop the projects. Each post will consist of a text and 10 graphic documents.
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes - From baguette to planet: the political economy of food and its impacts on the built environment. Image: A Tunisian demonstrator holds his bread stick like a weapon in front of riot police during a protest against the country's new government in Tunis on January 18, 2011. (Fred Dufour / AFP / Getty Images)
Design Studio FS20: The Great Interior II - Albis arena. Image: Estadio Azteca under construction, Mexico 1966
Seminar Week - FS20 - Faking it
The Maintenance
Final Reviews HS19: The Great Interior
Pachacamac pavilion feature and cover of Detail Magazine, November 2019
Daniel Ganz, Garden as Paradise as Educational Academy, Tuesday, 24. September, 10:00, HIL F.41 (studio space)
Room for Archaeologists and Kids has won the Dezeen Design Award for architecture
Seminar Week - HS19 - Firing
Design Studio HS19: The Great Interior, from Üetliberg zu Red Zurich. Images: Merian und Zeiller, Topographia Helvetiae, 1654; Cedric Price, Fun Palace, 1961
We are delighted to announce that A Pavilion for Archaeologists and Kids in Pachacamac has been nominated for the Beazley Design of the Year 2019. The project will be exhibited at the Design Museum in London from 11 September 2019 until 9 February 2020.
A Pavilion of Archaeologists and Kids in Pachacamac, Peru has been shortlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2019.
OMMX, Drawn From Experience, talk by Jon Lopez, Tuesday 14 May, 17:00h, hil F.41 (studio space), Department of Architecture, eth Zurich, Hoenggerberg
Patrícia Barbas, Teatro Thalia Tuesday 9 April, 10:00 hil F.41 (studio space) Department of Architecture eth Zurich Hoenggerberg
Paloma Strelitz, Goldsmiths CCA Wednesday 10 April, 10:00 hil F.41 (studio space) Department of Architecture eth Zurich Hoenggerberg
Pachacamac Film
Daniel Ganz, Garden as Living Space as Art, Wednesday 6 March, 10:00, hil F.41 (studio space)
Ben Speltz, Umbau am Denkmal, Tuesday 5th March, 10:00, hil F (Studio Space), Department of Architecture, eth Zurich, Hoenggerberg
The Gumno
What can designers learn from Construction History? A talk by the Institut für Bauforschung und Denkmalpflege, Wednesday 6th March, 17:00, hil F (Studio Space), Department of Architecture, eth Zurich, Hoenggerberg
The Surface of Things, Lecture by Carlos Bayod on Tuesday 26th February, 18:30, hil F (Studio Space), Department of Architecture, eth Zurich, Hoenggerberg - Master Thesis Theme A - FS 2019 - Studio Brandlhuber + Studio Emerson
Weaving Scripting Writing - Seminar week FS19
Altering Architecture, Pula and the Brijuni archipelago, Croatia, FS19. Image: Fred Scott, 1967
111 Bunker - ZAZ Zentrum Architektur Zürich
Openings, conversations with Alvaro Siza's Archive at the Serralves Museum, Porto, curated by Tom Emerson, from 26 October until 27 January 2019
Lecture by Juergen Teller, To use everything Tom built, Wednesday 19 September, 19.00, hil E3, D-Arch, ETH Zurich. Photograph: Self-reflections, Melancholy and Blood Oranges No.1, London 2018 © Juergen Teller, All rights Reserved
Archaeology of tourism, Pula and the Brijuni archipelago, Croatia, HS18. Image: Casa Malaparte, Capri 1937, featuring in Le Mépris by Jean-Luc Godard, 1963
The Portuguese Way, Seminar Week HS18
A Room for Archaeologists and Kids is under construction in Pachacámac
The Garden: The Fourth Cycle of Planting
Pachacámac: Archaeology of the Territory
Selected drawings from the Glasgow Atlas are included in Architectural Ethnography at the Japanese Pavilion Venice Biennale 2018, curated by Momoyo Kaijima, Laurent Stalder and Yu Iseki
Master Thesis FS 2018 - Theme C - Refurbishing Modernism
Standard II:Tall in the Gleisfeld
Décor de Fête: Winter Sleep
Standard, from metre to measure
London's Natural history, Seminar Week HS 2017
The Garden, heading into summer
Photography Workshop with Candida Höfer
The Garden: Third Cycle of Planting
A Brief Introduction to the History of Architectural Representation, Prof. Dr. Stefan Holzer
Constructed Nature II, Lines - Lange Erlen, Basel
Farewell to the Pavilion of Reflections
Constructed Nature, Basel: Lange Erlen
Ha-ha, Seminar Week HS 2016
Michel Houellebecq, talks to Tom Emerson for Art Review
Pavilion of Reflections, Manifesta 11, it floats on the lake, it is nearly covered, it will open on 11 June.
Models are Real, Raffael Baur, Architect, Zurich & Lausanne, HIL F 41, Friday 29th April 2016, 6 pm lecture
Glasgow Atlas, catalogue is published
Assemble: Collective Practice, 12 & 13 April 2016, guest crit and lecture
Making and the Territory, Part II: Big is beautiful
Glasgow Atlas, exhibition is open from 8-24 April, 11am-5pm, Unit 22, 100 Borron Street, Glasgow G49XG. Part of Glasgow International 2016
The work of Studio Tom Emerson featured in Accatone 2
Manifesta 11: Pavillon of Reflections
Le jardin de Le Corbusier, Unite d’Habitation, Le Corbusier, 1952
Master Thesis FS16, Theme B, An Architecture School for Zurich
Trying to be here, Talk and guest crit by artist Richard Wentworth, 27 October, 6.30pm
The Garden
Making Ground
The Garden Diary
Zürich Atlas I: Bucheggplatz
Glasgow Atlas
Galway Atlas
Zürich Atlas II: Rosengartenstrasse
Manifesta 11: Pavillon of Reflections
Making and the Territory, Part 1: Small is Beautiful
Studio Tom Emerson published in the A+T Harvard Symposia on Architecture
Studio Tom Emerson is nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov Prize
A Town Tormented by the Sea
São Paulo Escondido, 15–26 March 2012  
Dysart and Palaces, Tom DePaor lecture, 3 April 2012, 7PM
The Unfinished, Lecture by Professor Robert Harbison, 15 May 2012, HIL E4, 8AM
A Town Tormented by the Sea, 29-30 May 2012
Constructing the World
An exhibition and catalogue of architectural projects by students from Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zurich, 9–20 October 2012Galway, Ireland
Galway Atlas Exhibition Opening, 8 October 2012
Re-construcing the World, Soane's picture gallery & Monk's Parlour, 17 October–6 November 2012
Forst Atlas exhibition opening, class="na">1 November 2012
Constructing the World II
Exhibition, Atlas of an Irish City, class="na">Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin, until 21 February
Timber and Culture: Making Connections, , class="na">March 2013, hil e4, 8–10am 
Brick: the Forgotten Material, April 2013, hil e4, 8–10am
Premature Iron, 23 April 2013, hil e4, 8–10am
Never Modern by Irénée Scalbert and 6a architects is published by Park Books, Zurich
Forst Atlas, class="na">Exhibition at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, 12-21 June
A Belvedere for Zollikon, opening on 6th of September
Hidden Belgrade, 21–27  October 2013
Exhibition in Dresden, 10th of April
SIA Masters Prize, Michael Fehlmann
Craft and Radical Architecture, 15 April 2014, hil e4, 8–10am
Growing by Numbers
Belvedere, Zollikon, June 2014
Atlas, a retrospective of collaborative work by Studio Tom Emerson, 2010-2014, opened at ETH Zurich on 7 October., Atlas is one of three exhibitions presented by gta at ETH Zurich. The exhibition installations was designed and built by second year students.
Growing by Numbers II
Working in Stages, LUMA Foundation, Löwenbräu Areal Zürich, 21. November 2014 till 28. February 2015
Dan Graham visits Studio Tom Emerson
Working in Stages, ETH Zürich
Hidden Gardens: Italy, Photo by Charles H. Traub from Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980’s  Damiani, 2013
Theatre Objects, catalogue of exhibition at the Luma Foundation featuring a tribune designed and built by the students
Forst Atlas
Forst – News from nowhere
An exhibition and catalogue of architectural projects by students from Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zurich, 2–18 November 2012Forst, Germany
Trouvaille Sihlquai
Scribes & Squares
Trying to be here, Talk and guest crit by artist Richard Wentworth, Tuesday 27 October 2015, 6.30pm, HIL F 41
96 Hands, 22.09-05.10.2011